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New Gone Girl poster (x)

New Gone Girl poster (x)

hanszimmer asked:
#who the fuck is this white boy?????? like??????????????? DON'T EVEN ASK THAT QUESTION. DON'T. GO ALONG WITH YOUR LIFE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN HIM. YOU'LL BE BETTER OFF.




The Guest (2014) - Caleb’s Room

gyllenhaals replied to your postgyllenhaals replied to your post: which one…

omfg yeah i think the worst part is def her accent which is in like all her video, and if u dig through some of her interviews r so messy
Pussy tbh, it was filmed around where I lived with actual gang members and black people as props including a black child.
im so mad that i have to sit through this white fuckery lmao the things i do for my WORK

gyllenhaals replied to your postwhich one of iggy azalea’s music videos…

she only has like 4 video, i don’t think any are like super blatant appropriation of black culture, since 3 of them are based on like movies i think but bounce is pretty bad but its indian culture, she twerks alot in the work video

hmm okay thank u for answering!!! im still gonna throw this bitch under the bus but i’ll probably focus more on the image she’s projecting

which one of iggy azalea’s music videos appropriates black culture the most???? 

dong youngbae

dong youngbae